And we’re back in the room…
I have always said I wanted to be a writer-a children’s book writer if possible. I can imagine walking into an old fashioned book shop, that’s smells of books (love it) wearing a swishing 50’s style dress,the anticipation of those little faces looking up at you whilst you bring your very own (fictional story to life)
As anyone in the creative field will tell you it’s bat sh*t scary putting something you have given creative birth to,out there. So there’s always excuses not to write,right?
“I am too busy/working too much/trying to relax on my free time…”

Blah. Blah. Blah.

So. Enough.
I am not too busy, I am not working and if I relax anymore I’ll comatose.

To get me in the habit,Stephen King says ten you must write TEN pages a day…. But I am not holding myself to that just yet.

So today, I announce the birth of Loquats and Lipstick.
A blog that will be

  • One part writing (like when you used to get a few chapters in a  a Readers Digest magazine)
  • One part cooking,because what’s life without food?
  • One part beauty, to add a little glamour.
  • Two parts about life in Spain. So I can #therapy (please let that be a trending hashtag) and you can laugh and wonder how I won’t become certified insane living the life Espana!

    Love and Loquats



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