Work, work, work.

Well, I am not sure several boxes of packing Nisporos is work but it was fun! They are super delicate and its picking and packing time here in Alicante province. The managers of the nisporo farms are here from morning till night.

This time of year is crucial for the area I live. The money makes summer and fiesta time all the more fun. Last year I didn’t understand all these religious and public holidays over the heat of May until September.and now I do. They work so hard all year round for this crop-summer is a well earned rest!

Dino, who manages the farm that surrounds my home, is just the best. She always asking me if I am okay and how is the baby doing. In fact thats how I ended up packing the nisporo. She took me to town for an early morning blood test,then to a cafe for coffee and olive oil toast. As she was driving me back she offered for me to come and see the other farm she works on. A mere 10 minute walk from my house. She put a chair out for me and made me sit (as I am 5 months pregnant) After a little while of taking my very basic Spanish out for a bit of a spin, I wanted to help out. I was given a box of de-stemmed  Nisporo to pack and then a few more boxes. It was very satisfying!

The  packing barn, was full of boxes and now its almost empty. The season will finish this week. The barn door being rolled up will no longer awaken me from slumber. I ll not have an ‘everyday chance’ to speak my Spanish,asking Dino about her daughter who is 8 months pregnant.


nisporo me.jpg

In the coming weeks, the nisporo trees will feel the sting of the chainsaw and the process starts all over again. I’ll miss the buzz, the camaraderie of knowing that everyone in the town is somehow involved in their own or someone else’s nisporo.

Love and loquats

Lea Loquats.xx


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