Essentials Kit

With a friend from Sydney visited a few weeks ago she commented on me having a little organised essentials bag with me. We were out in Benidorm (to show her the sights obviously!)I was absentmindedly touching the street light poles as we went by them.

And then…


I touched something sticky, I hope it was the remnants of an ice lolly and not anything more sinister, always a possibility especially in Benidorm.

I fished out my essentials kit, took out a three ply tissue and sorted out the sticky ickiness.

The whole being a bit more organised came from walking to and from town each day in the fledgling days of our New Life here. I have this curious habit of a runny nose when I walk, especially up hills and there are a few on the way to town. I’d want to have a very light bag to carry home shopping in and was constantly forgetting The Essentials. In the time since I’ve whittled it down and perfected it for me. With being pregnant I’ve added a few more panty liners and some ever essential indigestion tablets.

A few tips on what to use to carry the items in.

I am using my Emirates Socks and eye mask zip bag. Free and from economy.

Don’t use anything to bulky and be realistic about what you will use. This will help you decide on size. Too big and is not convenient and too small and you’ll just give up on using it.

Essentials bag


So this is what I have in there:

Clockwise from top left.

  • Panty liners. More so a thing from pregnancy.
  • A solid perfume. I love these ones from Fragunaud.
  • A little foldable knife or blade. Never be lost without a knife for fresh baguette & Aioli again!
  • A sample of a face cream. Don’t go sample hunting, REPEAT DO NOT GO SAMPLE HUNTING. Simply ask the cosmetic consultant if she happens to have a sample of your favourite moisturiser the next time YOU PURCHASE. Or decant into a little pot yourself. From your pot at home, not the one on the counter!
  • A lip balm. Yes, mine is Christian Dior. Yes it’s expensive but also useful, applied to lips, cheeks and eyes. If I add up all the times I have popped into Boots or Priceline to pick up a cheap lip balm, and walked out with a bunch of things I didn’t need I’d be way better off with a few pots of this!
  • A lipstick. Invest in your favourite colour and brand. Don’t skimp.
  • A packet of tissues. Again, don’t skimp, get a 10 pack of three ply. Hide them in the essentials draw.(see end of the post)
  • An Aspro clear. A friend suggested to me to have one when I was feeling just a bit ‘urgh’ and you know what, it really worked.
  • Some hay fever tablets. For Mr E not me.
  • Some paracetamol tablets.
  • Some medication. I take this everyday of my life. Most people that take a daily med already carry it around. The reason I like having it in here, it means I am always making sure I have in date meds with me.
  • A comb. It’s not much but it ll help in a bind.
  • Some mouth fresh mints. In a pretty tin. Again refillable and the tin means people wont instantly steal the recognisable Tic Tacs.

Now the other tip.

Keep all the items that you will need to refill in one place. The tissues, the Tic Tacs, paracetamol, with a small pair of scissors so you can spend minimal time refilling. Maybe a box or a draw that is out of the way of prying eyes- otherwise you’ll never have any refills when you actually need them.


I’ll be doing an essential make up bag post soon, so keep those peepers peeled!

Love and Loquats.




4 thoughts on “Essentials Kit

  1. the most important is missing: a measuring tape, so that you can always check, that the art you want to purchase still fits in your apartment!buy more art!


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