Why Spain?

Well it was meant to be France. So much so that Mr E and I were learning the language of love and not of sun and sangria. But it all changed when we discussed the ‘Casa Del Rio’ in Spain

We were planning on moving in a few years from now but then things just sped up,the opportunity came along for this wonderful home and we said yes.

Mr E had seen it before but I had not. 

I said yes to moving to a country I didn’t speak the language of,to a house I’d never seen in person. Was I brave or reckless- probably equal parts both!

I left Australia a few weeks before Mr E,to visit my mum and see my brother get married in the UK

So our new life together really got started late one night in Madrid. Stay tuned for posts on old life in Sydney..

My flight was on time,cleared easy EU customers. Then I sped off to the hotel he had booked for the next week and we hit the town.

 Hey, when in Spain,do as the spaniards do and go to a restaurant at 11:30 at night! We ordered Jamon and cheese and olives and red wine,sat outside on the pavement on a busy Main Street and toasted our new life together.

A week of dining and city life we took a fast train south,then a tram. Mr E’s dad had traveled from France to spend a few days with us and help settle us in.

The drive from the tram stop to our home is no longer than 20 minutes. To me it felt like a lifetime,especially the last 2.5 kms that separate our home from the nearest village. The road twists and turns through two valleys and down a rather steep hill. I sat in the back of the car. Tears streaming from my face,WTAF had I said yes to before seeing? Before packing up my inner west suburb kitchen and trekking to Europe?

We arrived to a warm welcome from Mr E’s mother and a were awarded a tour of the house and land. 

I quickly installed myself beside the fire,a bottomless glass of red wine clutched firmly in my hand and spoke little that night.

We slept in what is now our guest bedroom,cocooned in thick duvets and entwined. 

The next few days were a bit blurry. I remember pretending to forget something at the checkout at the supermarket,so I could cry into a tissue in a quiet aisle before returning home.

Mr E’ s parents left a few days later. I remember wandering around the house,thinking of how we would fill all this space we now had,as our own. The weather still cool,little did we know we’d be in for a hot and sticky summer- and the start of the best time of our lives.

Love and lipstick.



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