Blue black.

 I’ve been doing it for a lot of years. Red and purple rinses,then onto permanents and blue black for the last 5 years or so.

I do it at home, I can’t afford to do it at the hairdressers,although I wish I could! 

At seven months pregnant, I had put off my periodical hair dye. I scoured the Internet for a definitive answer. Could I or couldn’t I? In the end I had decided to put it off,until baby was born. 

Well, seven months in and I was completely over not looking feeling like myself. Not to mention my ever expanding body,without the hair dye,my make up making my face breakout,I felt super frumpy.

So I took some extra precautions,threw open the windows-bring on the bottle.

When I visited my mum did at her place last year,she offered for me to do it in her guest bathroom. I was totally freaking out that I’d somehow get dye on her immaculate white bathroom,so I made her do it! 

I can’t remember how many times I ended up with a spot of dye here, or on a patch of carpet there,so I’ve become quite proficient in home dye. Here are my key tips:

. Use some ratty towels,a hairbrush an old or cheap comb, some shampoo,cotton rounds and an extra pair of gloves

1. Follow the instructions. If you’ve not dyed your hair before,then test it. Some say wet hair,some say dry,check!

2. Don’t skimp. Purchasing your favourite dye on sale is not skimping but using a decent one is worth it. I used to use Nice and Easy,it doesn’t seem to exist here in Spain so I used Olia this time,it’s good.

I was very tempted to throw a red into my hair instead, but bottled it it at the last minute. 

3.Have a book,a tea or something else to keep you occupied and hydrated. So youtube and wine are acceptable substitutes to the above. Unless pregnant!
4.I try and keep some tight fitting latex gloves on hand. They come in handy for lots of things (please do not use as condom alternative) 

Great for chopping chillies,removing cat crap from shoes and dying hair.

The close fitting ness means you can massage into the scalp and not end up with whispers of glove marks on your neck and face. Please note, If you are pregnant,keep it just off the roots until you’ve given birth. Just to be safe.

5. Shampoo. When you have done placing all the lovely dye on your head,there will undoubtably be whisks or even splodges of hair dye on your face,wrists,neck and ears. I’ve tried the glad wrap and tin foil covers and it’s such a pain to not move,so this is what I do.

Squeeze out some shampoo on the sink edge, or in the soap dent,wet a cotton round,squeeze out a swipe shampoo. Now rub gently on splodges, they should come right up. If you can have a spotter on hand to help catch any on your neck and back, I don’t bother wrapping a towel around me until after the dye is on. 

Work quickly! 

Now-Clean up. 
Rip the SIDE flaps of your dye box,place rubbish,used cotton rounds a AND gloves into box. Then pop lid down and throw it into a plastic bag and then sling that into the trash. Yes, I know a little wasteful but I’ve tried other methods and end up with a black dye stained bin.

 Wrap towel,pour your wine tea and relax. Don’t forget to pop the special conditioner into the shower,so you’re not halfway through rinsing the dye and then trying to find the little bottle.

In the last 10 minutes of process time,I shave my legs,vigorously brush my teeth. I don’t’ paint or buff my nails. That’s because you have to rinse the dye out well. Sometimes it comes off onto the nail,so all that work is washed away. Foot scrubbing,nail polish removing and cuticle cream are also good activities to pass the time.

 I was gifted the Dita Von Tesses book for Christmas. I felt much better about my DIY hair dying when I read she also dyes her own. Dita also does her own hair and makeup,she’s wonderful. I like that she suggests making it a sumptuous experience,lighting a candle etc. 

it is totally up to you if you dye your hair especially when pregnant. I am not a midwife nor a doctor,so please do what you think is best for you. I have a hairdressers appointment in a few days and I’ll share some new and old hair photos then. 

Love and loquats

Lea. X


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