How does nature make you feel? A year and a half ago, every sound,bug,bee,spider was to be avoided. I can’t help it,it’s instinctual if you grow up in Australia. Dangerous animals are a way of life there. My brother who’s instinct for danger seemed much lower than mine was bitten by a mouse spider and given a hickey from a blue tongue lizard. You. Just. Leave. Nature. Alone. 

The fear, installed from such a young age,you see takes a little time to shake it off.
Attending to the gardening without looking like this:


We used to walk to town everyday and as such,we pass orchards and bushes,hills and houses. There are rustles from every which direction. I’m reminded of a saying from my old driving instructor ‘ to keep my head on a swivel’ 
Which can actually be quite tiring, but all said and done, I now am at ease. The garden,originally set more for a holiday villa-low maintenance with lots of concrete. It now allows for all kinds of nature to survive and thrive.

I love going outside,just past dusk and watching the little mousebats careen through the sky. To hear the Industrious honeybees are a warm buzz. The lazy,fat sweet bumblebees are a joy to watch during morning tea. The spiders are small,pretty and harmless. The flowers we planted are insect friendly and laced with summer scents. 

The loquat trees are growing new leaves vigorously. As if to warn the farm managers not to cut them down. This is the task of the month in the lifecycle of the loquat. The fruit of my villages’ main export. We are to be woken by chainsaws. The car covered in fine sawdust. 

We may also be guilty of occasional pulling over of our car to slip a few abandoned tree limbs into the car for the coming winters fire. 

This is my favourite view in my garden. I’ve spent a few days with a good book here,occasionally looking up at My beautiful grapevine, who knows how old it is. The grapes are just moments away from being perfectly ready.  Anyone up for making some wine??

Nature here is harsh, the trees are brittle,the earth baked into useless clay. But she’s a beautiful beast,come winter and it feels like an eternal spring

Love and loquats.

Lea. X 


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