Baby related beauty. PartThree

The countdown is on.

Th second trimester glow is waning,the spots may have returned and your hair has turned into a tinder box.

1 week out and no signs of appearing early,my little bun is sucking the life force out of my with an XL bubble tea straw.

This is good,this is good. That is the mantra I repeat as I feel the calcium seeping from my bones,the reservoir of sleep I’d planned on having is dipping fast,I’m waking at 5 after dropping off finally at 1 am.

My feet,if you only saw them, you’d think I’d never had a pedicure in my life,the heels cracked so badly. Prime looking candidates for a ‘before photo’ for Pediegg. 
So I did what any self respecting pregnant lady would do, a self pamper.
P.S My mommy offered for me to have a professional pamper,however she had just bought the crib and a new vaccum cleaner not to mention all the other packages that keep arriving from a very excited soon to be grandma. So I politely declined.
Oh, and my hair, you may have read my blog I penned a few weeks ago about how I painfully weighed up dying my hair whilst pregnant. Only to find the colour leeched out quicker than thunder, I swear it’s lighter at the roots just now than it was before I dyed it.

So as I type, there is a colour in again,a self made foot scrub on and a gentle exfoliation for face,sloughing off those extra dead cells.
I love to pamper myself,but at the moment,even shaving my legs has become an exercise in contortion. Instead of deftly shaving daily in the shower, I now have found the perfect alternate use for a bidet!

A quick colour and pluck of the brows.

Oh hello there, you incubator of a very soon to be newborn, I see you in a vampy pink purple lipstick and powder. Yes,there she is, now off to paint my nails and enjoy a pomegranate juice…

Lesson learnt,keep up the routine of self care and love right to DDay and beyond for a happy,glowy mummy!
Love and Loquats

Lea. X


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