Now that my little bundle of joy is four months old, I feel I am able to leave the house in more than a puff of powder and a slick of lipbalm. 

It also means that the budget for the ol’ beauty haul is severely diminished. (Who knew babies could cost so much?)


Whilst in our nearest big town today I decided to make some little additions to my very streamlined make up bag:

1. Hide the blemish concealer from Rimmel. In Ivory.€4.50.

I have actually been using this on and off for years. Great stand alone coverage,it can also be mixed with a little highlighter or eye cream for a more sheer coverage.

2. BB cream (BB for Beauty Balm) from H&M. In Porcelain. €7.99

With a soft touch finish its one of the better BB creams that I’ve used. Easy to apply and does even out a little redness and seems to blur any other imperfections. I do use a powder over the top if I feel I need more coverage.

3. Professional eyebrow pencil from Rimmel. €3.50. In Black brown. 

Handy all in one. It’s enough these days to keep track of dummies and bibs so pencil and brush together is mummy perfection.

It stays all day and is easily removed in a quick face cleanse.

4. Soft kohl eye pencil in Jungle Green from Rimmel. €2.50. Black liquid eyeliner is normally my liner of choice to make my peepers pop.

However in the short,sharp Spanish winter, I thought I’d up the eye makeup game with some colour. 

I’ve swatched the products in the same order to give you an idea of the colour/textures.

I finish the lot with my favourite Dolce Vita lip pencil from NARS and a dab of (my fav) of Christian Dior rose lip balm.

There you have it, a little cover,a little colour and all read to go in a couple of minutes,now where did I put that spew rag?

Love and lipstick.




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