Hi lovely readers.

Just a quick blog to show you what the ‘January Beauty Haul’ items look on my face.

Nothing like a little before and after photo-right?


I have added a few items that I didn’t purchase this month.

1.Blush/Bronzer. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze. 45€

I applied this to my cheeks and a little smudged onto my eyelid with my finger.

2. Setting powder. Maybelline super stay 24 hour. In Ivory. 11€. Used very lightly as it does have a great coverage if you use the sponge applicator or a dense brush. I applied it on the red bits (chin,nose and a little on my cheeks) 
3.Mascara. This was a budget buy as I had run out and wasn’t close to somewhere to pick up my favourite. Reminder to self: you always purchase a cheapie mascara and regret it.

I don’t totally regret this one but I much prefer Clinque or MAC. This one is from Lidl and doesn’t stay well and doesn’t feel very comfortable by the end of the day,but I’ll use it until I can replace with a decent one.

4.Lips. Velvet matte Lip pencil from NARS in Dolce Vita. 26.50€ and Christian Dior rose lip balm. 25€

Such an easy and pretty lip,quite different to my traditional Russian Red matte lipstick.

The pencil glides on,even for a matte. And the balm,well it’s pretty,plumping (apperently) and smells Devine. Also means if I kiss my little boy I won’t spend ages trying to get a big red kiss mark off his forehead!

An LL tip: Be brave! I think that you can purchase a cheaper version of nearly all make up products to have a go,then if you like it and more importantly feel confident to use it,then invest. For example, I’ve not used a coloured eye pencil for ages,so the Rimmel one is my ‘have a go’ purchase. If I like it I would then I would invest with a brand like Estée Lauder or Stila.

So there you have it,go on be brave!

Love and lipstick.



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