Romantically stranded

Currently the area I live has been hit pretty bad by a tremendous storm. 

At he beginning of the week,we had two days of rain and snow. My husband had to delay his trip to Barcelona but the rain as subsided by Friday,he packed up the car and drove away. We can see the road from the house, so I wait to wave him away-pretending like I’m a pioneer wife. Well Elizabeth MacArthur was pretty badass…

Anyway,as his car rounded the bend,the rain started up again,and got harder and it got windier and windier. The firewood got wet,the washing under cover got wetter,and the rain kept on coming. Then the power went out, and came back on,and then out again then on again. Over the course of the weekend this happened 10 times. The wind shook my 200 year old house as I attempted to light a fire,hearing the hiss of rain hitting the newly lit fire. The sound that makes your heart sink, is like hearing the little cry babies make when you’ve just spent an age trying to put them down for a nap…

Anyway, at least I had the essentials. 

As I’ve mentioned previously, we live in a semi rural area,I am separated from our nearest town by a small river.

This is a today’s photo of said river. 

My husband returned yesterday,only to spend three hours trying to get home,eventually climbing this small mountain to reach us. 

And today,he again climbed the small mountain to get baby formula and bread (also chocolate!) 

Our driveway is totally out of action for now,it could be a week before they even get up to look at it.

For now, I am content to use up our store of baked beans and brown rice,admire the snow capped mountains and spend countless hours getting little one to roll over and crawl. I guess I am happy being romantically stranded,my inner pioneer wife is stoked.

 Love and lipstick 


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