I made a new New Years resolution. In February. I want to go without Pepsi or Coke for a whole 28 days.


Being a new mommy I found I was reaching for fizzy caffeine at lunch,then during Harry’s 6 pm feed,then dinner,then a little one with a splash of rum after dinner,it was kind of getting out of hand.

I’ve had a constant battle with it, I loooove the sugary,fizzy hit and have over the years given it up. Only to take it up again with gusto. 

So it’s been on the list of NY resolutions before and was again on the list this year. A few days into chilly January and I was needing a fizzy kick to get me through the cold baby filled days. 

In the past, I’ve prepared myself,spent a few days lessening my intake,purchasing lots of ginger beer to replace the Coke.

This time…

I went cold turkey. On purpose. 

And today is valentines Day-14 days in,14 days to go and I haven’t touched a drop. Yes, I am still drinking decaffeinated coffee and the occasional grape juice with mineral water but no Pepsi,no Coke.

The 3 day detox headache was killer and now I have a lurgy lurking but I have made some super Asian chicken soup. Ive made it thus far.

Wish me luck for the next 14 days. 

Tell me,what have you successfully given up recently?

Love and loquats.



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