Top Tips of successful people….

Top Tips of successful people….

If one of the top tips successful people always offer is make their bed in the morning.

My question has to be: How come they aren’t successful enough to pay someone to do it for them? Or if they are that successful why does making their bed matter?
I am currently trying to get into a routine.  HG is one now and I am hoping to get some work to put food on the table until I become a totally famous blogger! I must be nuts. I believe that a family needs routine anyway. But hate to follow one,lifestyle or otherwise. People looked at me strangely when I told them I have two rules that I’d wanted to stick to when Harry was born. I didnt want to co sleep. And I wanted to have a shower everyday. This isn’t a judgement on other mummies who do co sleep or not shower everyday. It’s simply a way I feel I can personally measure how in control. This was to a degree successful. On some days this was a complete and utter WTAF was I thinking co sleepng means i dont have to move and niether does he.

I have read too many a this is why “I am successful at life yeah!” lists. It seems that many successful people also take baths,even in the middle of the day. According to a vintage Harper’s Bazaar article Tom Ford can take up to FOUR baths a day. If you can use this: Tom Ford soap I’d have as many baths as I could fit into a day as well.


Most times, these people also mention writing in a journal,as some kind of almost free therapist,as they sip their tea. The tea picked by virgin monkeys on the side of a remote mountainside, you know.
I adore this idea, but I have a growing collection of cute coloured Moleskine journals and pretty pens to set my pensive thoughts into. I admire them and occasionally doodle in them whilst sipping a wine that may have come from a box…
These lists go onto explain it is an exercise in self control,explaining  yourself to yourself daily.

Although I am sure most of my profound thoughts have been scribbled on the back of a receipt. On a crowded commuter bus. My intention is always to later, sit on my made-in- the-morning bed after my  decadent second bath and re-scribe my profound observations on society into a crisp paged journal…

Other key points on these laughable lists normally include:

  • Notions of taking the stairs,not taking the lift or escalator,because they can then connect with real people.
  • A daily yoga or gym session and how alive it makes them feel. Nauseatingly followed by some kale concoction and the cool down,stretch don’t forget to mention the obscure playlist they just HAVE to listen to.

I could go on….but I won’t.

So with these ‘tips’ in mind and I simply have no one to make my breakfast.No one to make my bed. Not even anyone to peel my activated almonds,how will I ever succeed with my simple day-to-day goals?!


Life is meant for living, not lists or hacks or tips for rich peeps.
Its waking early one morning to the sound of your 88 year old neighbour babble singing Spanish to waking the next, late for your hospital appointment,no time for a bath.

It’s catching yourself in the middle of a fiesta parade. You smile because you forgot the town you drive through everyday,with a population:150. Well they love to celebrate an obscure Saint day like those crazy Americans celebrate Super Bowl. BIIIG.
It’s about a simple pleasure of your favourite candle lit whilst you have a bath with your favourite soap. It’s not about blu tacked lists and made beds,although who can resist a little sheet and matching cushion porn. Surely it’s about what happens in between the sheets that changes lives, I know it has certainly changed mine!

I went on a little journal hunt and look at this little gem.

Love and loquats.



Driving Update

Driving Update

So over the past year I have had to drive more and more. My husband goes away for exhibitions and we lives a few kms from the nearest shop. At first it was hairy, like really FREAKING scary. A geared car, the other side of the road,dirt tracks and roads only wide enough for one car at a time.

I’d make it to my destination,the cafe,the closest shop,the town and sometimes burst into tears. Or call my mum. Or do both. I’d get a sugary,fizzy drink and try to calm down.


Well today, I drove through the main street of my town. During the biggest fiesta of the year.There was a  kind of un-official procession through town. So drunk-at-11 am pirates and Moors following marching bands.on the road,the footpath,the fountain on the only roundabout in town!

So I had to drive on the wrong side of the road, I stopped (!!) on the pedestrian crossing to chat to a friend. I parked close into town,no longer favouring the supermarket at the far end of town with the widely spaced car spaces. I still feel way more confident on our dusty,unpaved roads with the cliffs on one side and steep orchards on the other. My point is progress, I have changed my thoughts of ‘shit, what if I meet another car on the road only wide enough for a toothpick’ To ‘ I know where I call pull in and if not I’ll give them a smile and they’ll make the hard moves’

It took 3 (4) attempts to pass my Driver’s test in the UK, all those years ago. Funnily enough the tactics my driving instructor used when I was learning with him, help me now. If I start to panic,bang on the Beyoncé and sing your heart out, trust me it works!

GT and meI wish I’d taken this baby for a spin when I was in Italy but we just posed with it instead-next time!

Tell me about your driving life,are you a stick gal or automatic all the way.

Love and Loquats