So as I mentioned earlier this week, HG had been sick. He is (touch wood) a really happy-go-lucky baby. Until last saturday. He was awake at four AM and refused to be settled,coaxed or even just close his eyes. Loads of tears, on and off all day.

The photograph is by Stefan R Manzow. A friend of ours from Hamburg. This is his latest project, please check it out  here

I assumed he was having a teething or even just having an off day. Until I realised he hadn’t drunk any milk since 2 pm. My HG lives for milk, food and in particular biscuits. So I offered him a bottle again and he just burst into big, fat tears. I kept trying and we even drove the car around the valley,in which he fell asleep. Until we pulled into the driveway.


I called a dear friend and explained the situation. Ever so calmly she suggested I take HG to the Medical centre in our village. It has a 24 hour ER dept. So we rebunddled ourselves into the car and nipped up there. Upon getting HG out of the car, he smiled. And continued to smile as I babbled some close to tears spanish at the lovely nurse on duty.

He is fine, she said calmly, and informed me that the doctor will see him shortly. Well, HG smiled at the other people waiting there, giggled at W and I and generally looked as sound as a pound. Are you kidding me,I thought You basically have not stopped crying all day and now, in here the ER dept you are happy?? * I am sure lots of parents have experienced this.*

The doctor ushered us in and had me place HG on the examination bed. I answered all his questions in a mix of spanish and english. He checked his tummy and ears. By which point HG was no longer smiling. The doctor then asked me to move so the nurse could hold HG down whilst he checked his mouth and throat.


I was so unprepared for the surge of  protectiveness I felt seeing someone causing my baby some level of discomfort. I didn’t punch the doctor but did try to soothe my little cub immediately.

As i re-dressed a screaming HG the doctor informs me he has a bad throat infection. I am sure that crying nearly all day and not much liquid has made worse. I swallowed my ‘I am a terrible parent guilt’ took the prescription and sped off to the Pharmacia.

Thanks goodness we have the ER dept and an all night pharmacia in our small village. The lovely nurse had called ahead for us. The pharmacist was waiting outside-smoking a huge cigar. In the typical fashion of the old men in our town. The script was filled for only 3.30 euros!

We arrived home and I changed HG. I made a new bottle,fed him a squeezy fruit bag and dosed him up. Finally he fell asleep! W and I ate dinner in almost silence and enjoyed a strong alcohol beverage. We headed to bed. For an hour,we all slept.

And then….

Poor HG spent the night being completely uncomfortable and upset. Still refusing milk at any temperature. More fruit bags. I was starving and trying to stay awake,so I opened a bag of his biscuits. He stopped crying, I offered him a tiny piece and then another. I softened some more biscuits with some yoghurt. Well that was it, more yoghurt and more and more. He slept and slept.

He is back to him normal self now. And today is 12 month review and vaccination day*…. I am really hoping he handles these ones as he has the previous ones. Which is like a CHAMP! And also warm bottle of milk and sleep for the whole afternoon. A chance for mummy to polish her tows and bleach her moustache.

I have a robust little boy, so I am sure that this is not my last harried visit to my local ER.

Please tell me about your little monkeys and their first trips to ER.

Love and loquats.


*He handled them perfectly. Even the Nurse said he didn’t cry much,so proud and is now fast asleep.




One thought on “ER and smiles…

  1. Well what a great mum you are and writer. I had many nights as a single mum with my little ones in ER only for them to perk up and smile at everyone else and lable me in my head like the neurotic mother!! Motherhood 😇


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