Shank buttons. This is a shank button. No, this is not about the time I had to fashion a shank from a coathanger to make sure no one beat me to the Boxing Day Sales at David Jones!

shank 4
Cute Skull buttons (not my image)

I had to do several Google button searches before I found the correct button terminology.

It is for was my Rastro find. A black and white cardigan…

It was only one euro. I was slightly taken by the Tweedy Chanel-ness of this piece. I did not stop to check to see if she had all her buttons: She does not.

Nor did I check if they match and I could reconfigure them. Well, at least two of the buttons do not match.

At the same Sunday morning Rastro I searched for new buttons. No luck. I bought her home gave her a gentle wash. I clipped her loose threads and daydreamed about the buttons she could have.

I have a thing for buttons. Giant buttons,shell buttons,quilted buttons. Mr W teases me about it constantly. Usually as we watch  a film from the 40’s or 50’s and someone is wearing a stunning coat with fabulous buttons! My mum had a thing for buttons too. She kept them in old jam jars according to type. Buttons are a little like lipstick. What could they say, on the front of a well-worn coat or the nape of a beautiful dress?

I was tidying up my jewellery box and found some little button treasures…  I bought them for a navy coat that I am still to alter the buttons on,two years down the line. They didn’t quite work for the coat, as I felt they were not quite bold enough.

Anyway I thought they may do just the trick for my new cardi. So I  skimmed a button tutorial or two to see the correct way to attach my skull buttons.. Yes, I had homemakers class a school but its been a long while since I’ve been there.

My button attachment skills are not going to win any awards just yet but I am fairly happy with the results.

Here she is…

shank 2Shank1

I know it’s not Chanel, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little inspiration.

shank 3

Love and loquats

Tiffany. X


One thought on “Shank

  1. Loved this blog …. still adore buttons and did you know I had over 3000 buttons before I gave the collection away …. even all the glass ones…. cardy looks adorable …. well done x


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