Baked Bean Surprise

Baked Bean Surprise

It doesn’t look particularly appetizing. But when I stepped out of the shower last night the house smelt delicious-warm,spicy and inviting. Will had made his Baked Bean Surprise.He had also lit our first fire for the year and made some milk bottles for HG.

Before my shower I was feeling a little frazzled. HG has had his first batch of illness,which meant little sleep for both of us for three days. My normally happy baby had been replaced with a grizzly, teething baby that wasnt feeling himself. I am also job hunting and trying to keep up my Spanish. And still unpacking suitcases from Hamburg. And the house is having more plumbing issues. These are all very first world problems. But enough to make me a little teary-eyed and for Will to send me off for a hot shower.

Will’s Baked Bean Surprise kept me going in the first six weeks after HG was born. He would also make mash (He is the Mash King!) to accompany his signature dish. He’d bring me a bowl so I could eat it with one-handed whilst HG breastfed.

The kitchen is my domain so of course I have attempted to make BBS myself.  But my mix of spices never seems quite the same. It just doesn’t has the same ‘bite’ as my darling husbands’.  Now that the weather is getting cooler I can look forward to eating this yummy meal more often.

I asked Will for a recipe and this was what I received.

  • Beans as many as you want (2 cans)
  • Olive oil and garlic
  • 5 small Onions. If you have grown your own, even better.
  • Spices. Random but as long as there is pepper and curry powder
  • Chillies. If making  for a chili lover-add three to four scotch bonnets whole.
  • Cook onions in spices on high heat.
  • Add beans
  • Job done.

My slightly more concise recipe from surreptitiously watching him over the years goes like this…

  • 2 X cans of baked beans of choice.
  • 2 X Normal sized white onions.
  • 4 X cloves of garlic-minced
  • 1 X tsp of fresh chilli. Omit if chilli isn’t your thang,ADD more if you love chilli.
  • Now the Spices..
  • 1 X tbsp spoon Curry powder
  • 1 X tbsp spoon of dried dill or parsley
  •  2 X tsp spoon smoked paprika
  • 1 X big squirt of BBQ sauce or something similar.
  • A small cube of butter
  • 3/4 cup of boiling water with a veggie stock cube dissolved in it

Melt the small cube of butter in a medium heat pan, add onions and garlic. Cook for around two minutes. Add  all the spices,cook for one minute. Add the BBQ sauce and the stock cube water and chilli. Place on lid for three minutes on a low heat.  After three minutes add the beans, let it simmer for approximately half an hour,still on a low heat. A couple of big grinds of black pepper before serving will be perfect.

Serve with mash and toast. Add a glass of semi secco bubbles for extra class.


Does your significant other have a dish that you crave?

Love and Loquats

Tiffany. x