Shank buttons. This is a shank button. No, this is not about the time I had to fashion a shank from a coathanger to make sure no one beat me to the Boxing Day Sales at David Jones!

shank 4
Cute Skull buttons (not my image)

I had to do several Google button searches before I found the correct button terminology.

It is for was my Rastro find. A black and white cardigan…

It was only one euro. I was slightly taken by the Tweedy Chanel-ness of this piece. I did not stop to check to see if she had all her buttons: She does not.

Nor did I check if they match and I could reconfigure them. Well, at least two of the buttons do not match.

At the same Sunday morning Rastro I searched for new buttons. No luck. I bought her home gave her a gentle wash. I clipped her loose threads and daydreamed about the buttons she could have.

I have a thing for buttons. Giant buttons,shell buttons,quilted buttons. Mr W teases me about it constantly. Usually as we watch  a film from the 40’s or 50’s and someone is wearing a stunning coat with fabulous buttons! My mum had a thing for buttons too. She kept them in old jam jars according to type. Buttons are a little like lipstick. What could they say, on the front of a well-worn coat or the nape of a beautiful dress?

I was tidying up my jewellery box and found some little button treasures…  I bought them for a navy coat that I am still to alter the buttons on,two years down the line. They didn’t quite work for the coat, as I felt they were not quite bold enough.

Anyway I thought they may do just the trick for my new cardi. So I  skimmed a button tutorial or two to see the correct way to attach my skull buttons.. Yes, I had homemakers class a school but its been a long while since I’ve been there.

My button attachment skills are not going to win any awards just yet but I am fairly happy with the results.

Here she is…

shank 2Shank1

I know it’s not Chanel, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little inspiration.

shank 3

Love and loquats

Tiffany. X




Not a compliment fishing post- I promise! 

I was flicking through my phone,heaps of pics of my hubby,my son Harry,places we’ve been recently etc. The last selfie I took was a month ago. Now, I am sure to most that doesn’t seem like a long time but to me,it is. I looked I the mirror this morning, I saw the dry skin under my nose,(I currently have a cold) the slight crinkling around the eyes,the list goes on.

I was not feeling #selfieworthy


In between nappy changes,dummy spits and numerous bottles, I managed to squeeze a little maintenance time.

Now, #selfieworthy is not about picking yourself apart,more about doing a few little things to build yourself up,feel great and share it with the world.

A double cleanse,maybe a 5 minute face mask. Maybe a longer conditioner treatment or a whitening toothpaste. All little things,easy to complete and quick!

My Recommendations


Thrifty: Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser. 125mls. $10. Easy to use,fragrance free and soothing. I would recommend this to practically everyone.

Splurge: Perricone MD Hypoallergenic Gentle Cleanser. 237mls $35. I know that there are many great skincare lines out there. I believe that Dr Perricone does really understand the science of skin.

Face masks

Thrifty: Montagne Jeunesse VeryBerry mask. 15g $4.00. One time packet,splodge on,let it set and rinse.

Splurge: Perricone MD concentrated restorative Treatment. 59ml $115. Not one for just splodging on but it’s one dreamy treatment.

Conditioning hair treatment

Thrifty:Schwarzkopf Extra care ultimate repair anti damage mask. 250mls $4.50

I like that my hair afterwards didn’t feel heavy just well nourished.

Splurge:Fekkai Technician Colour Care mask. 220g $25 (US) This is STILL the best hair mask I’ve ever used. You can leave it in for as little as 60 seconds.In Australia it was $60! So get online and grab a tub.

Whitening toothpaste

Thrifty: Kemphor White toothpaste. 75mls. 3€

A Euro pharmacy staple,I only tried it recently and I am in love. Gentle minty flavour and makes your teeth feel polished-not squeaky. It’s Spanish made too. Check it out online.

Splurge: Theodent 300 whitening crystal mint. 75mls $100.

I am yet to try it,but at a $100 bucks a tube,it has to be good-right?! 

I finish with a  lip scrub with a baby toothbrush for good measure and I was feeling #selfieworthy again.

What little #selfie maintenance jobs do you like to splurge on?

Love and lipstick.

Tiffany. Xx

Getting ready for a wedding.

7:30 am. Alarm one. Mr W and I do not work convential hours  anymore. He works very hard as a sculptor for as many hours as he is awake each day,seven days a week. This gives us flexabily as to when we rise each morning. Most mornings,this alarm or the next at 7:45 is enough to get us going. Except this morning. HG has been too big for his generous sized Moses Basket for a little while now. However I’ve  delayed moving him into his crib as the Moses basket fits next to our bed. Now HG has spoilt us as parents. From when he was six weeks old,he’s pretty much slept through the night-until now.

When we happen to be moving him into the crib. It’s been few fretful long nights. Dummies dropped through the bars, a bump of the head,tooth pain (possibly) It’s all going on. So when the alarm bleeped cheerily at me yesterday morning,my mood did not match its. 

8:00am. Alarm three. Get up,get milk for HG. Thank goodness I’ve finally relaxed enough to make some up bottles in advance so I can sleepwalk downstairs with  HG in tow and one minute later,he has milk. Done.

I ponder breakfast and decide I need a cold fashwasher before food. Back upstairs to roust the husband,collect the empty milk bottles and wash my too tired face.

8:45 am. Mr W is off,he has to assist a friend with firewood collecting and sorting. With strict instructions to return at 11 am sharp.

8:45-9:45 am. Bottle washing,nappy stockpiling,formula spooning ensues. Clothes washing, a reusable nappy sort,wash up. Sweat. A lot. All whilst still pondering outfits and wanting to wear the coolest,sac like item I own. Spend most of this hour trying to get HG to have a nap as I’d like him to not be a total asshat during the ceremony.

9:45-10:30 am. With the baby asleep and Mr W out, I was so tempted to crawl back into bed,I could almost feel the cool sheet as it floated back down onto me. Instead of standing in front of the mirror,trying to control the frizz and work out the coolest hairdo I could have.

10:30-11am. Narrowed it down to three options outfit-wise. Send photos to trusted coterie of advisors. Find jewellery. Apply makeup,fingers crossed it stays put.

11-11:15 am Lay out clothes for HG times two. He’s a barfer. Clothes for Mr W organised. Worry that Mr W isn’t home just yet. Bundle everything but the kitchen sink into various bags. Wake and change the HG repeating my mantra,please don’t barf,please don’t barf… Sweaty husband arrives,rush him into a shower. Pack car,wipe barf off HG’s chin. Check lipstick and we are off.

11:55am. Thank the lord I live in Spain now,so whacking out the fan and vigorously fanning myself looks completely normal. The walk up to the picturesque spot is interesting but not something you want to do for a wedding. Did I mention there was a camera crew from a British reality TV show filming the entire thing??

From there forth it was a lovely,albeit warm day. Filled with love,meeting new friends, wedding wine and cake. The outfit was pretty perfect,flattering,colourful and cool. HG was changed several times over. At one point he was in just a nappy! 

It was our first wedding as a married couple and our first with HG. It’s funny that memories I had forgotten about my own wedding came flooding back. Our first dance,seeing all of our friends. My husbands choicely worded speech.

Tell me your best wedding moment,the one that makes you smile.

Love and loquats




It isreally important to me that my son,HG is able to swim. I looked into lessons at the local indoor pool and decided the 15€ half hour lessons could wait until he was a bit older. 

But there was no harm in him and I having a little dip together,was there? 

Well, I was hooked. My kiddo took to water like a duck. And it made my heart sing. I knew he liked water, I just figured all kids did. That was until I saw the lessons we had forgone happening. And the little niños bawling their eyes out. HG was a bit worried,looking over at them,then went back to splashing about and trying to eat the foam noodle. 

There has been an unexpected but very much welcomed side effect of swimming with my son. We’ve had a deepening of our bond. Of course he trusts me,he has no need not to. But when you on purpose dunk your son under water – It can be a bit of a heart stopping moment. I worried and still sometimes worry that I don’t love him enough. So when he is trying to stand up on me or kicking his little chubby legs, I know without a doubt I love this monkey!

Ive also realised if I count him in,he’ll close his eyes just before the moment of contact with the water. It’s perfect. 

Swimming indoors in Spain and indeed Europe is tres sophisticated. Showering before entering the pool,thongs only for the pool,swimming caps and chaps in speedos.

Now you may have realised! I like to have organised bags,and it is an art. And it’s even better if you remember to take it with you. Unlike myself today.

Luckily I have gotten into the habit of putting my swimmers on before I leave the house. And there was a spare swim nappy in the car. 

If you are in Australia,it’s essential to have a Country Road tote.*  I recommend this as the best bag for carting to pool,beach etc. It can double as a baby change table if the only other one is being used or is a bit dirty looking. Also,it’s a great opportunity to use those cute cosmetic bags we have all collected over the years. I use a plastic lined one for my swim cap and goggles. 

I recommend keeping a plastic bag to pop wet things into. I hang it all out to dry as soon as I get home. By having it all in a plastic bag,I can then peg up the plastic bag on the line, whilst the towels and swimmers dry. Then once they are dry,they go straight back into the plastic bag. It also means I can leave the tote in the car and not forget it!

  • I wouldn’t normally use one but a two in one shampoo is very handy.
  •  I use a Turkish towel-how did I ever get by without one? Easy dry and getting softer with each use.
  • Like I said, I use a small cosmetics bag for my goggles and swim cap. I keep a euro coin within as well,so I don’t have to go searching each time I need one for the locker.
  • A BB cream,I’d recommend the H and M one. For details,see my January beauty haul post.
  • A lip Balm of some type. Pick a colour that is natural but pretty. I like the Baby lips by Mabelyline in a red berry tone.
  • Don’t forget pads and tampons. Nothing worse than remembering once you’re at the pool.
  • I keep enough swim nappies and normal nappies for a week. Whack an elastic band around them to keep them together. Note, I have a reusable one to pop over the top and once I’ve used up the throwaways,I’ll just use the reusable.
  • The Bonds wondersuits are very easy to pop on a wriggly baby after a swim.
  • Don’t forget a bra and a pair of knickers for you! 

I know that swimming might be a bit of a sticking point,feeling self conscious about not being the best teacher or that parts of your body may not make you grin with pleasure. But I’d really recommend it. Both for you and Bub. I found that by getting back in the pool,it has in a most positive way,made me feel like going for a walk in the afternoons. Or to be more willing to get changed in the back of the car to go for a unplanned dip in the Mediterranean Sea. All to see that smile and hear that laugh HG has when he is splashing about.

Tell me about your experiences and your little niños in the water.

*Not sponsored. My grandfather had a CR tote and it held wonderful memories for me. I treated myself to one just before I left Australia.

Love and loquats.


Romantically stranded

Currently the area I live has been hit pretty bad by a tremendous storm. 

At he beginning of the week,we had two days of rain and snow. My husband had to delay his trip to Barcelona but the rain as subsided by Friday,he packed up the car and drove away. We can see the road from the house, so I wait to wave him away-pretending like I’m a pioneer wife. Well Elizabeth MacArthur was pretty badass…

Anyway,as his car rounded the bend,the rain started up again,and got harder and it got windier and windier. The firewood got wet,the washing under cover got wetter,and the rain kept on coming. Then the power went out, and came back on,and then out again then on again. Over the course of the weekend this happened 10 times. The wind shook my 200 year old house as I attempted to light a fire,hearing the hiss of rain hitting the newly lit fire. The sound that makes your heart sink, is like hearing the little cry babies make when you’ve just spent an age trying to put them down for a nap…

Anyway, at least I had the essentials. 

As I’ve mentioned previously, we live in a semi rural area,I am separated from our nearest town by a small river.

This is a today’s photo of said river. 

My husband returned yesterday,only to spend three hours trying to get home,eventually climbing this small mountain to reach us. 

And today,he again climbed the small mountain to get baby formula and bread (also chocolate!) 

Our driveway is totally out of action for now,it could be a week before they even get up to look at it.

For now, I am content to use up our store of baked beans and brown rice,admire the snow capped mountains and spend countless hours getting little one to roll over and crawl. I guess I am happy being romantically stranded,my inner pioneer wife is stoked.

 Love and lipstick 


Want to read more about Elizabeth?

Food Shopping…





Food shopping is one of those tasks that you have to do. Weather you do it online, at a street market or a supermarket. Maybe even a warehouse or a mega mart.

I’ve been here for 13 months now. I’ve gone through bottles of washing powder that stink and make my skin itchy. I’ve bought something that I thought was cottage cheese and it certainly was not. I’ve craved Oak chocolate milk and some decent vegetable stock cubes.

Settled for chocolate milk and now know which stock cubes will give the best flavour, after many, many purchases!

When I first arrived my in laws invited some friends for dinner and I had a list of questions. Where to buy meat, free range eggs, etc etc. I was given some half hearted answers and sent in the direction of the expensive spanglish supermarket. Not the best place seeing as though we didn’t have a car and it is more than 15 km away!

So I experimented. I tried the local supermarkets (it was still a 2.5 km walk into town each day) and when we did get further away I trotted into any supermarket I saw.

As I said, 13 months in, I now purchase most fruit and vegs from an outdoor market on a Sunday. I purchase cat food, box juice and toilet paper from the biggest chain of Supermarkets in Spain Mas Y Mas Carrefour is a once a month run for washing liquid, always two for one. Mouthwash and frozen peas. Booze for Mr E comes from an independent supermarket catering to English, German and Scandinavian clients. We also go to a very Scandinavian supermarket for my pickles and Resin caramel cravings (It’s all the baby’s fault!)

Mrs Green, a rather stylish mature lady who promises to teach me the secrets to perfect bread and making lemon curd in the microwave. Today, I asked her to take me to her supermarkets and to see what new things I could find.

Mr E is for the most part is perfect, however me standing in front of the spice section umming and ahhing about which smoked paprika I want to buy seems to test his saintly patience. So off we went as two ‘single’ ladies. My friend Mrs Green has a husband, Mr Green who suffers as Mr E does when shopping is involved. So we hit a rather well known international chain of supermarkets. I proved good for ‘fun things’ Cheese, jamon, even a swimsuit. As it has a high turn over Mrs Green advised me that you can’t always rely on what will be in store. Shop here- including a hunk of ginger and some button mushrooms came in at 13 euros.

Our next stop was the other huge Spanish supermarket chain Mercadona, where the majority of Spanish people shop. I’ve not been to one and I was impressed. There is lots of variety, even self raising flour.

*Spainards don’t do self raising flour. You have add the self raising to the regular stuff. I was even able to purchase tofu for Mr E. Shop here came in at 20 Euros, including some fresh yeast and some baked beans!

Mrs Green was super helpful; from what washing up gloves are the best, to what is the Spanish equivalent of Napisan/bread flour/ Worstershire sauce. It seems like a no brainer, with I-phones to translate and pictures on most packets-right? But its not, and on top of getting yourself to the supermarket, a list, reusable bags, getting used to saying Hola to everyone you meet it can be a big job.

For my English/Spanish readers. What if someone was to take you around to the supermarkets when you first arrived? Do you think it would have helped?

For my Aussie readers, maybe someone new moves in on your street. How about offering them a lift to the local shopping centre and being a tour guide for the day?

Love and Loquats