It isreally important to me that my son,HG is able to swim. I looked into lessons at the local indoor pool and decided the 15€ half hour lessons could wait until he was a bit older. 

But there was no harm in him and I having a little dip together,was there? 

Well, I was hooked. My kiddo took to water like a duck. And it made my heart sing. I knew he liked water, I just figured all kids did. That was until I saw the lessons we had forgone happening. And the little niños bawling their eyes out. HG was a bit worried,looking over at them,then went back to splashing about and trying to eat the foam noodle. 

There has been an unexpected but very much welcomed side effect of swimming with my son. We’ve had a deepening of our bond. Of course he trusts me,he has no need not to. But when you on purpose dunk your son under water – It can be a bit of a heart stopping moment. I worried and still sometimes worry that I don’t love him enough. So when he is trying to stand up on me or kicking his little chubby legs, I know without a doubt I love this monkey!

Ive also realised if I count him in,he’ll close his eyes just before the moment of contact with the water. It’s perfect. 

Swimming indoors in Spain and indeed Europe is tres sophisticated. Showering before entering the pool,thongs only for the pool,swimming caps and chaps in speedos.

Now you may have realised! I like to have organised bags,and it is an art. And it’s even better if you remember to take it with you. Unlike myself today.

Luckily I have gotten into the habit of putting my swimmers on before I leave the house. And there was a spare swim nappy in the car. 

If you are in Australia,it’s essential to have a Country Road tote.*  I recommend this as the best bag for carting to pool,beach etc. It can double as a baby change table if the only other one is being used or is a bit dirty looking. Also,it’s a great opportunity to use those cute cosmetic bags we have all collected over the years. I use a plastic lined one for my swim cap and goggles. 

I recommend keeping a plastic bag to pop wet things into. I hang it all out to dry as soon as I get home. By having it all in a plastic bag,I can then peg up the plastic bag on the line, whilst the towels and swimmers dry. Then once they are dry,they go straight back into the plastic bag. It also means I can leave the tote in the car and not forget it!

  • I wouldn’t normally use one but a two in one shampoo is very handy.
  •  I use a Turkish towel-how did I ever get by without one? Easy dry and getting softer with each use.
  • Like I said, I use a small cosmetics bag for my goggles and swim cap. I keep a euro coin within as well,so I don’t have to go searching each time I need one for the locker.
  • A BB cream,I’d recommend the H and M one. For details,see my January beauty haul post.
  • A lip Balm of some type. Pick a colour that is natural but pretty. I like the Baby lips by Mabelyline in a red berry tone.
  • Don’t forget pads and tampons. Nothing worse than remembering once you’re at the pool.
  • I keep enough swim nappies and normal nappies for a week. Whack an elastic band around them to keep them together. Note, I have a reusable one to pop over the top and once I’ve used up the throwaways,I’ll just use the reusable.
  • The Bonds wondersuits are very easy to pop on a wriggly baby after a swim.
  • Don’t forget a bra and a pair of knickers for you! 

I know that swimming might be a bit of a sticking point,feeling self conscious about not being the best teacher or that parts of your body may not make you grin with pleasure. But I’d really recommend it. Both for you and Bub. I found that by getting back in the pool,it has in a most positive way,made me feel like going for a walk in the afternoons. Or to be more willing to get changed in the back of the car to go for a unplanned dip in the Mediterranean Sea. All to see that smile and hear that laugh HG has when he is splashing about.

Tell me about your experiences and your little niños in the water.

*Not sponsored. My grandfather had a CR tote and it held wonderful memories for me. I treated myself to one just before I left Australia.

Love and loquats.



Sunday nights…

Sunday nights…

When I was school age,Sunday nights were for prepping for school. Making lunches (with assistance) making sure I have socks and polishing shoes.

When I was no longer of school age Sunday nights were for primping,prepping and eating a lazy dinner,recovering from a monster night out.

These days I feel I’ve come full circle. Sunday nights (IF all goes according to plan) is cleaning out the nappy bag. Then making sure the nappy wallet in the car is replenished. I’ll then be mashing up some food for HG. Sterilising,changing,cleaning. I know that  I do it during the week too,but Sunday’s have such promise of a new beginning. A promise that I WILL be a tidy mum,an organised mum. A mum who has enough wipes and spew rags and dummies to equip an army of babies!

I feel I finally know the magic combination within my Mary Poppins nappy bag. Not too heavy,I use nearly every item each week.

Next, I’ll be making some dinners for us,or at least a little bit of prep for nourishing ourselves in the week. I may even be able to write a shopping list.

If there’s time left over I’ll have a little,oh whoops I went looking for nappy bags! This is gorgeous.

Storesak What do you use your sunday nights for?

The nappy bag
Love and lipstick.

Tiffany. X



Harry dummy.jpg

When you find out officially that you are pregnant in Spain,you get a little gift box from the government. They include some bottle teats,nappy cream,giant tampons. I also received a luxe dummy. It was Blue,as if the universe knew that I was to be blessed with a son. FYI , we didn’t know until he was evacced from the womb ten days late and after two days of coaxing but to no avail. It’s a handsome dummy. According to the box,it is hand finished,how sweet is that? As I was  *A-know-it-all-before-the-baby-arrives-parent ,I’d decided dummy’s were for suckers and only use it if I absolutely had to.

Well within 24 hours,I absolutely had to! Harry didn’t seem and still doesn’t,overly attached to dummies. Saying that… I realised that dummies can be very handy so I went in search of some back up stock to squirrel away. Only to find that they are some kind of rare treasure like batch/type. Not to worry,I thought he’s not a fussy bub,I’ll just try another brand,same kind of teat-hmm,not so keen Harry. So I’ll try another.

And another.

He never really (spat the dummy) over the dummies not being quite right,but just didn’t seem to love them quite as much as that first chupa. That is Spanish for dummy. Dummies are a serious business in Spain. You can have their babies names inscribed,you can have a cute dummy pin,also inscribed. It is tres important for the colour to match the sex of the baby.

I love the dummy pins as an idea but I am already onto the second one. The irony being it’s meant to stop you from losing the dummy! The brand of choice here is Sauvinex:  Suavinex.com

I am als totally in love with the Nuk glow in the dark handle ones for night time. Oh and if you have a little bundle of joy getting toothypegs you must get one of the Nuby mouth guard looking jobbies:


The gel it comes with was fairly unpalatable so I swapped it for the Spanish chemist standard teething gel. But super handy! Thanks mum.

So tell me the best dummies you have used, and why.

*hahahahaha. A-know-it-all-parent,hahahaha,what was I thinking?!

Love and loquats.


A new New Years resolution 

A new New Years resolution 

I made a new New Years resolution. In February. I want to go without Pepsi or Coke for a whole 28 days.


Being a new mommy I found I was reaching for fizzy caffeine at lunch,then during Harry’s 6 pm feed,then dinner,then a little one with a splash of rum after dinner,it was kind of getting out of hand.

I’ve had a constant battle with it, I loooove the sugary,fizzy hit and have over the years given it up. Only to take it up again with gusto. 

So it’s been on the list of NY resolutions before and was again on the list this year. A few days into chilly January and I was needing a fizzy kick to get me through the cold baby filled days. 

In the past, I’ve prepared myself,spent a few days lessening my intake,purchasing lots of ginger beer to replace the Coke.

This time…

I went cold turkey. On purpose. 

And today is valentines Day-14 days in,14 days to go and I haven’t touched a drop. Yes, I am still drinking decaffeinated coffee and the occasional grape juice with mineral water but no Pepsi,no Coke.

The 3 day detox headache was killer and now I have a lurgy lurking but I have made some super Asian chicken soup. Ive made it thus far.

Wish me luck for the next 14 days. 

Tell me,what have you successfully given up recently?

Love and loquats.


Romantically stranded

Currently the area I live has been hit pretty bad by a tremendous storm. 

At he beginning of the week,we had two days of rain and snow. My husband had to delay his trip to Barcelona but the rain as subsided by Friday,he packed up the car and drove away. We can see the road from the house, so I wait to wave him away-pretending like I’m a pioneer wife. Well Elizabeth MacArthur was pretty badass…

Anyway,as his car rounded the bend,the rain started up again,and got harder and it got windier and windier. The firewood got wet,the washing under cover got wetter,and the rain kept on coming. Then the power went out, and came back on,and then out again then on again. Over the course of the weekend this happened 10 times. The wind shook my 200 year old house as I attempted to light a fire,hearing the hiss of rain hitting the newly lit fire. The sound that makes your heart sink, is like hearing the little cry babies make when you’ve just spent an age trying to put them down for a nap…

Anyway, at least I had the essentials. 

As I’ve mentioned previously, we live in a semi rural area,I am separated from our nearest town by a small river.

This is a today’s photo of said river. 

My husband returned yesterday,only to spend three hours trying to get home,eventually climbing this small mountain to reach us. 

And today,he again climbed the small mountain to get baby formula and bread (also chocolate!) 

Our driveway is totally out of action for now,it could be a week before they even get up to look at it.

For now, I am content to use up our store of baked beans and brown rice,admire the snow capped mountains and spend countless hours getting little one to roll over and crawl. I guess I am happy being romantically stranded,my inner pioneer wife is stoked.

 Love and lipstick 


Want to read more about Elizabeth? http://www.australia.gov.au/about-australia/australian-story/macarthurs-and-the-merino-sheep.

January beauty haul applied.

January beauty haul applied.

Hi lovely readers.

Just a quick blog to show you what the ‘January Beauty Haul’ items look on my face.

Nothing like a little before and after photo-right?


I have added a few items that I didn’t purchase this month.

1.Blush/Bronzer. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze. 45€

I applied this to my cheeks and a little smudged onto my eyelid with my finger.

2. Setting powder. Maybelline super stay 24 hour. In Ivory. 11€. Used very lightly as it does have a great coverage if you use the sponge applicator or a dense brush. I applied it on the red bits (chin,nose and a little on my cheeks) 
3.Mascara. This was a budget buy as I had run out and wasn’t close to somewhere to pick up my favourite. Reminder to self: you always purchase a cheapie mascara and regret it.

I don’t totally regret this one but I much prefer Clinque or MAC. This one is from Lidl and doesn’t stay well and doesn’t feel very comfortable by the end of the day,but I’ll use it until I can replace with a decent one.

4.Lips. Velvet matte Lip pencil from NARS in Dolce Vita. 26.50€ and Christian Dior rose lip balm. 25€

Such an easy and pretty lip,quite different to my traditional Russian Red matte lipstick.

The pencil glides on,even for a matte. And the balm,well it’s pretty,plumping (apperently) and smells Devine. Also means if I kiss my little boy I won’t spend ages trying to get a big red kiss mark off his forehead!

An LL tip: Be brave! I think that you can purchase a cheaper version of nearly all make up products to have a go,then if you like it and more importantly feel confident to use it,then invest. For example, I’ve not used a coloured eye pencil for ages,so the Rimmel one is my ‘have a go’ purchase. If I like it I would then I would invest with a brand like Estée Lauder or Stila.

So there you have it,go on be brave!

Love and lipstick.


January Beauty Haul

January Beauty Haul

Now that my little bundle of joy is four months old, I feel I am able to leave the house in more than a puff of powder and a slick of lipbalm. 

It also means that the budget for the ol’ beauty haul is severely diminished. (Who knew babies could cost so much?)


Whilst in our nearest big town today I decided to make some little additions to my very streamlined make up bag:

1. Hide the blemish concealer from Rimmel. In Ivory.€4.50.

I have actually been using this on and off for years. Great stand alone coverage,it can also be mixed with a little highlighter or eye cream for a more sheer coverage.

2. BB cream (BB for Beauty Balm) from H&M. In Porcelain. €7.99

With a soft touch finish its one of the better BB creams that I’ve used. Easy to apply and does even out a little redness and seems to blur any other imperfections. I do use a powder over the top if I feel I need more coverage.

3. Professional eyebrow pencil from Rimmel. €3.50. In Black brown. 

Handy all in one. It’s enough these days to keep track of dummies and bibs so pencil and brush together is mummy perfection.

It stays all day and is easily removed in a quick face cleanse.

4. Soft kohl eye pencil in Jungle Green from Rimmel. €2.50. Black liquid eyeliner is normally my liner of choice to make my peepers pop.

However in the short,sharp Spanish winter, I thought I’d up the eye makeup game with some colour. 

I’ve swatched the products in the same order to give you an idea of the colour/textures.

I finish the lot with my favourite Dolce Vita lip pencil from NARS and a dab of (my fav) of Christian Dior rose lip balm.

There you have it, a little cover,a little colour and all read to go in a couple of minutes,now where did I put that spew rag?

Love and lipstick.